Hyundai & Red Bull Flugtag

Hyundai Flies High at Flugtag

Red Bull’s signature Flugtag event was the perfect platform for Hyundai to promote its edgy and stylish Veloster.


In 2013, Flugtag events were held in 5 major cities on the same day. At each of these cities, Advantage created the Veloster Hangar where Flugtag aficionados could fly high in a fun 180 degree time splice photo. Guests could then share their photos on social networks or via text and email.


A team of Hyundai employees was assembled to design, build and fly their own Flugtag Craft. We helped capture their journey to Flugtag through a series of webisodes posted on YouTube.


And while the Hyundai Team’s flight was less than record setting, the Veloster Hangar saw over 4,000 visitors and the overall program reached over 400,000 social media impressions.


See Hyundai’s Flugtag flight on the video.