LG NCAA Partnership

The LG NCAA sponsorship is a Slam Dunk (yeah, we said it)

As a long-term NCAA Corporate Partner, LG Electronics is committed to helping college sports fans have the best game day experience.  The primary objective of sponsorship is to help drive awareness and sales for home entertainment, home appliances and mobile phone products among the NCAA sports fan base.   With multiple categories, multiple target demos and a wide range of products how do you create a promotion that works for everyone?  You don’t.  But you can find the common thread.  They are all fans, they just might express their fandom in different ways.
Whether you’re a college kid at the stadium creating custom content on your phone, a middle aged man at home watching on your pride and joy TV, or a proud alumnus and leader of the household cooking up a storm for a viewing party, LG helps you “Do Game Day Right”.  What we’ve successfully done is tap into the reality that LG’s products actually make fandom better.
We were able to create a theme and drive it throughout all of LG’s sponsorship activations, no matter which business unit we are working for.
On-site we’ve been able to naturally incorporate 30+ products into the “LG Training Facility” at the Final Four.  Within the Training Facility we separate ourselves from the Pop-a-shot displays with fun basketball related experiences utilizing LG’s products instead of bouncing balls.
Without selling their own product, retail is also near and dear to our hearts, as we localize the sponsorships for LG’s most important retailers.  Sometimes leveraging school sponsorships to drive local traffic and fan engagement or conducting large scale b2b hosting platforms at the Final Four.
Whether it is national brand messaging in the middle of March Madness or product specific message during a mid-season football game, we are always showing fans how they can “Do Game Day Right” with LG, no matter what kind of NCAA fan they are.