Sponsorship Consulting

Our proprietary tools and processes identify the passion points and platforms that are best suited for your brand and marketing objectives.
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We Speak Sponsorship.

Ok, we admit it. We’re sponsorship nerds. We don’t wear white lab coats, but we do get scientific. Our sponsorship toolkit includes our proprietary Property Alignment Report, or PAR for short. Basically, we love using the power of consumer passions to inspire sponsorship marketing strategies that move the needle for our clients. We’ve negotiated hundreds of sponsorship deals, including team deals, league deals, arts sponsorships, endorsements, and everything in between.
For clients already considering a sponsorship, our proprietary valuation services provide the exact value of a deal. And what do we do once the sponsorship is in place? We activate the heck out of it, leveraging the intellectual property rights to speak WITH the fan, not AT the fan. NCAA. NFL. Coachella. Special Olympics. We love telling compelling stories through the power of sponsorship.
For our clients exploring the sponsorship space or looking to adjust their portfolio, our combination of “art and science” leads to recommendations for overall sponsorship investment and market allocation. Our aforementioned PAR report identifies strategic passion points and properties. And our asset allocation module informs the right marketing asset mix to acquire in each partnership. Being the sponsorship nerds we are, Advantage continuously leverages market insights to optimize strategic roadmaps for our clients on areas to invest, divest, and/or refine.
We’d love to tell you about it, along with our full breakdown of services:
Sponsorship Auditing
Strategic Planning
Property Alignment
Sponsorship Valuation & Evaluation
Sponsorship Negotiation
Market Allocation
Sponsorship Spending Module
Consumer Activation
B2B Sponsorship Activation
Sponsorship Measurement – ROO/ROI
Creative Development
Brand + Brand Partnerships

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