“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”– Confucius
Now more than ever, experiences cut through marketing clutter to make real human connections. And nobody does experiential marketing better than Advantage. Nobody.

Good EXP is like ESP

How do you know when you’ve achieved great Experiential (EXP)? You know when your customers walk away with a feeling in their bones. You see, EXP is not traditional marketing or advertising. It’s not flat and two-dimensional. When done right, experiential marketing is extra-sensory, allowing consumers to touch, taste, feel, see, and maybe even smell your brand.
And best of all, EXP can come to life in so many different ways – from a mobile tour utilizing a custom-built vehicle, to guerilla sampling, to an immersive AR adventure.
At Advantage, every experience is designed to move consumers to action. Did we mention nobody does it better? We’ve won four Ex Awards from Event Marketer magazine and have been named to their IT List of Top Event Agencies for six consecutive years. More? Ok. Advantage was also awarded Best Combination of Event Technologies at the Experience Design & Technology Awards.
We live, breathe, and produce so many award-winning experiential campaigns, that it’s become like a sixth sense. Are you feeling it?
Our EXP team can deliver:
Sponsorship Activation
Mobile Tours
Launch Events
Guerrilla Marketing
Grassroots Programming
Mega Events
Event Strategy
3D Renderings & Experience Design
ROO/ROI Measurement

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