The Crew

Our people are the real advantage. Take a look below and you’ll notice a few things. We’re a good looking bunch and we’re really diverse. We believe this diversity is what helps drive our team to deliver unmatched client service and creativity.
  • Photo of Jaime Cabrera, SVP, Executive Creative Director

    Jaime Cabrera

    Jaime has a passion for dreaming up big ideas & working with other passionate people to bring them to life. Outside of work, Jaime enjoys writing songs, performing live & spending time with family.
    Likes: Music, Food, Silver Tequila
    Dislikes: Dishonest People, Bad Songwriting, Bad Haircuts
  • David Calhoun, Account Executive

    David Calhoun

    David enjoys following basketball & motorsports events which translates well to his work. In his free time, David enjoys hiking, the beach, and going out with friends.
    Likes: Xbox, Hiking, Kentucky Mules
    Dislikes: Traffic, Clichés, Straws
  • Sherry Chen, Graphic Designer

    Sherry Chen

    Sherry’s ability to weave together unique ideas allows her to create memorable designs & experiences. When not immersed in her work, you’ll find her reading, sketching, crafting & tending her garden.
    Likes: Museums, Nature, Traveling
    Dislikes: Blue Cheese, Greasy Food
  • Photo of Rachael Conti, Graphic Designer

    Rachael Conti

    Design, nature & having a good laugh are Rachael’s passions; & when it comes to her work, she believes in concept, the creative process & having fun along the way.
    Likes: Hiking, Animals, Craft Beer
    Dislikes: Mushrooms, Tom Brady
  • Justin DeCastro, Account Executiv

    Justin De Castro

    Although Justin is a sports fanatic, he has recently started to dabble in outdoor activities & yoga. In learning new things, he is able to channel his experiences into producing amazing events.
    Likes: Sneakers, Eggs Benedict, French Press Coffee
    Dislikes: Snakes, Mint, Long Menus
  • Josh Ellovice, Senior Vice President, Consulting

    Josh Ellovich

    Josh’s passion is sports & he can appreciate watching almost any kind of competition. In his work, he likes to take that same passion for all sports & make memorable experiences for fans.
    Likes: Hiking, BBQ, Traveling
    Dislikes: “Happy Birthday” Song, Chatty Seatmates on Planes
  • Photo of Meg Eremita, Senior Account Executive

    Meg Eremita

    Meg channels her exuberant personality and love for relationship building into her daily role. Bringing her team together for laughs, Meg enjoys storytelling and is grateful her co-workers at least pretend to be entertained.
    Likes: Her Dog Mango, New Haven Pizza, Sunsets
    Dislikes: Sushi, The Kardashians, Bird Scooters
  • Jon Fein, Senior Account Excecutive

    Jon Fein

    Being a vegan & taking care of animals are Jon’s greatest passions. When it comes to his work, he believes in staying organized & problem solving for his clients.
    Likes: Animals, Fantasy Football, Food
    Dislikes: Lukewarm Coffee, Traffic, Getting out of Bed
  • Photo of Jason Girone, Group Director

    Jason Girone

    To Jason, creating memorable experiences is key. The ever-evolving industry along with his passion for sports & cars drives him to deliver for clients in the sponsorship & experiential space.
    Likes: Cars, Sports, German Shepherds
    Dislikes: Dallas Cowboys, Losing to Hayden
  • Headshot of Tracey Goodfriend, Group Director

    Tracey Goodfriend

    Tracey’s known for taking her work home — building Run of Shows for personal travel & family activities. Although personal events provide more opportunities for glitter, Advantage’s clients pay better.
    Likes: True Crime, Bravo Reality Shows, Margaritas
    Dislikes: Boston Sports, Mashed Potatoes, Hiking
  • Headshot of Tom Haidinger - Advantage President

    Tom Haidinger

    Tom loves seeing his team thrive while remaining “coachable” himself. Applying this approach to his personal life, he tries new things/new flavors, & explores new places — all with family & friends!
    Likes: Active Vacations, Family Life, Notre Dame
    Dislikes: Taxes, Arrogance, Bitter Beer
  • Headshot of Kaila Hayes, Account Executive

    Kaila Hayes

    By definition, Kaila is a team player – thriving on collaboration. She enjoys hiking, dancing, & visiting her hometown of Santa Barbara to catch one of her brother & sister’s many sporting events.
    Likes: The Beach, Dogs, Coffee
    Dislikes: Winter, Black Licorice, Spiders
  • Headshot of Kyler Hengst, Group Director

    Kyler Hengst

    With an expertise in sponsorship strategy & movie quote recitation, Kyler spends his free time with his family, staying active, & sampling craft beer at the local breweries.
    Likes: Soccer, Sandwiches
    Dislikes: Traffic, Eggs, Liverpool
  • Headshot of Hayden Hume, Account Director

    Hayden Hume

    A passion for event logistics, Hayden takes pride in helping team members strategically develop & execute a variety of brand experiences across several client categories.
    Likes: Large Dogs, Orangetheory, The Beach
    Dislikes: Losing, Snow/Rain/Wind, Bad drivers
  • Grace Jensen, HR Director

    Grace Jensen

  • Anastasia Kouriatova, Creative Director

    Anastasia Kouriatova

    With an eye for creating cultural moments and a passion for technology & art-making, Anastasia leads the ideation & development of experiential activations, partnerships & marketing campaigns.
    Likes: The Outdoors, Books, Dance Parties
    Dislikes: IPAs
  • Kayla Lalik, Account Executive

    Kayla Lalik

    Passionate about her work in sponsorship & events, Kayla is always on a mission to excel. Her typical work day includes strategizing, several coffee runs & picking trivial arguments with Kyler.
    Likes: Podcasts, Iced Coffee, Cities
    Dislikes: Bowling, Tomatoes, Oreos
  • Photo of Alexandra Lytle, Account Manager

    Alexandra Lytle

    When it comes to event production, Alex thrives on problem-solving, short deadlines, helping others, & having fun. Outside of work, she spends time with family & enjoys long walks outdoors.
    Likes: Brunch, Compliments, Starbucks Venti Iced Green Tea
    Dislikes: Traffic, Losing at Board Games, Bureaucracy
  • Devin O'Neill, Associate Creative Director

    Devin O'Neill

    Devin loves adventure and human connection, and brings both to his work in order to help people experience new things. He grew up in the desert, and brings a little of that with him everywhere.
    Likes: Exploring, Deep Conversation, Artmaking
    Dislikes: Xenophobes, Anxiety Attacks, Meghan Trainor
  • Marzia Panetta, Account Executive

    Marzia Panetta

    From ideation all the way to event day, Marzia appreciates collaboration, creativity & good old-fashioned hard work. In her free time, Marzia enjoys hiking with her dog or relaxing with a good book.
    Likes: Music, Saturday Afternoons, Pasta
    Dislikes: Mornings, Slow Drivers, Bugs
  • Paris Prusak, Account Manager

    Paris Prusak

    Paris lives for bringing people together; in her role that’s exactly what she’s able to do. Her event philosophy: organization & communication are key, & teamwork really does make the dream work!
    Likes: The Outdoors, Exploring Cities, Mezcal
    Dislikes: Tom Brady, Heights, Fruit
  • Headshot of Jacina Serbalik, Associate Creative Director

    Jacina Serbalik

    Jacina likes cappuccinos & exploring. Driven by curiosity, she constantly looks for inspiration in the world around her and brings that to life in the experiences she creates.
    Likes: Festivals, The Outdoors, Yoga, Breweries
    Dislikes: Spicy Food, Stagnancy
  • Analiese Seruby, Senior Account Executive

    Analiese Seruby

    While passionate about attending live events herself, Analiese produces award shows, conferences, marketing tours, & more. Outside of work, she enjoys fitness, traveling, & brunch with friends.
    Likes: Candles, Dogs, Lavender & Gold
    Dislikes: Pickles, Beer, Folding Clothes
  • Brian Smith, Senior Account Executive

    Brian Smith

    Brian’s passion for all things sports led him to a career in sports marketing. When it comes to his work, he loves using creative thinking to problem solve and will incorporate puns whenever possible.
    Likes: New York Sports, Italian Food, Sarcasm
    Dislikes: Boston Sports, TV Shows with Awful Final Seasons, Pandemics
  • Headshot of Blaine Swan, Account Executive

    Blaine Swan

    Blaine often aims to experience something new — music, movies, art, the outdoors — whatever it is. In life & work, it’s about the journey — embracing the process from ideation to execution.
    Likes: Camping, Snowboarding, Driving
    Dislikes: Traffic, Tom Brady, Bad Drivers
  • Photo of Stephen Thomas, Senior Graphic Designer

    Stephen Thomas

    Steve, a talented artist & designer, provides a unique vision that guides experiential projects from concept to completion — the perfect recipe to give an audience the ultimate experience.
    Likes: Hearing My Son Laugh, Comedy Clubs, Jalapenos
    Dislikes: Middle Seats, Rom Coms, Muffin Bottoms
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