Football players running at youth camp campaign

Hyundai – 2017 Youth Camps

Loyalty. It’s a value that drives Hyundai and its relationship with its customers. Yet as a brand driven by the mantra of “#1 in customer loyalty,” Hyundai wanted to develop a deeper relationship with its customers on the local level.
Fans pose with NFL player at Hyundai sponsorship event
Leveraging the power of the NFL’s intellectual property is vital for all sponsors of the league. Advantage developed the Hyundai Youth Football Camps platform to leverage the NFL partnership both on the local and national level, giving aspiring youth the chance to develop their football skills with help from NFL legends. Hyundai’s 2017 Youth Football Camps platform included camps in seven major markets, with kids ages 7–13 invited by the NFL team and through Hyundai CRM databases. With a focus on loyalty, we provided invitations to current Hyundai owners, while fostering new relationships with prospective owners. We tapped into our network of talent and secured an NFL player (current or former) to be the face of the camp in each market, giving kids an unforgettable experience. The NFL players put on their coaching hat for a bit, while having fun playing football and taking pictures with the kids. But we couldn’t forget about the parents! We gave them a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to the Super Bowl, along with gift cards and signed NFL merchandise. We also invited local Hyundai dealers to set up vehicle displays and provide test drives for parents while camp was in session.
Youth take a rest during Hyundai Youth Football Camps event
NFL Youth Football Camps platform has provided Hyundai with direct connections to the future fans of the NFL. The measurable results of the 2017 program included: 3.33 million earned PR impressions, a total of 2,431 hand raisers for Hyundai’s marketing panel, and 347 direct dealer leads.
Hyundai vehicles on display at Hyundai event
Participants lineup for photo during Hyundai event activation
Photos from Hyundai youth football event program
Young Dolphins fans attend Hyundai Youth Football Camp event

Advantage developed the Hyundai Youth Football Camps platform to leverage the NFL partnership both on the local and national level.

Young football players fist bump with Todd Gurley at Hyundai event
Todd Gurley practices with young football player at experiential marketing program
Young fans look on at Hyundai Youth Football Camps event
Youth participate at Hyundai NFL sponsorship activation