Benjamin Moore MLB - Sponsorship Valuation Case Study

MLB Sponsorship Valuation

Benjamin Moore is one the best know and highly respected brands in the world.  As a heavy hitting sponsor of several premier Major League Baseball teams, Benjamin Moore called in Advantage to audit whether they were receiving the biggest bang for their sponsorship bucks within MLB.
Computer screen shows chart with sponsorship asset allocation based on sponsorship objectives
Using our proprietary sponsorship valuation model, (AKA The Secret Sauce), Advantage performed a line-by-line valuation of each of Benjamin Moore’s MLB sponsorship deals. Without revealing to much of our secret recipe, we first grouped each sponsorship asset into four categories to provide a fair market value for the given sponsorship – impressions , market value, intellectual property, and client considerations. Using our proprietary brand-value based methodology (have you tried the sauce?), we calculated the value of each sponsorship’s intellectual property, taking into account the size of the property’s fan base, fan consumption metrics, size of the sponsorship, along with a ton of other criteria. In the end, each of the assessed sponsorships showed a solid return on investment. But we discovered there was more to the story and went into extra innings.
We wanted to understand if Benjamin Moore’s sponsorship deals were “valuable” beyond just a dollar for dollar value. So we conducted a detailed examination of Benjamin Moore’s asset mix within their sponsorships. By closely examining specific sponsorship assets rather than just the value of each deal, we were able to assess whether they are delivering on their sponsorship objectives across all target audiences. From our audit, we recommended an evolution of their sponsorship assets to better help them achieve their objectives.
Computer screen shows chart of sponsorship asset allocation for sponsorship evaluation
By performing both sponsorship valuation and sponsorship evaluation (big difference), Advantage was able to validate that Benjamin Moore’s sponsorship deals provided adequate dollar for dollar value, while recommending adjustments of select sponsorship assets to make room for deeper activation and engagement with their target audiences. Play ball!
Employees view sponsorship valuation chart

Using our proprietary sponsorship valuation model, Advantage performed a line-by-line valuation of each of Benjamin Moore’s MLB sponsorship deals.