Energy Upgrade Tent Experiential Activation. One-on-one Consumer Engagement

Energy Upgrade California – Experiential Activation

The California Department of Energy and the California Public Utility Board developed a rebate program called Energy Upgrade California (EUC). The platform’s goal is to educate California homeowners and small businesses on energy conservation and energy reducing solutions available to them, and provide a rebate for participation. Advantage was tasked with helping EUC reach Californians in unique ways with its messages to change the way Californians think about energy. How do to teach consumers about energy savings habits and make it stand out, you might ask? Well, we leaned into the power of consumers’ passion for sports and homeowners’ passion for DIY solutions, of course!  In other words, we developed strategic sponsorship and experiential solutions to help reach consumers on their terms, through their interests.
Energy Upgrade California Bear with Child, Experiential Marketing
Using our insights-driven toolkit to identify where and how to engage the target audiences, Advantage developed a year-long calendar of integrated activation to educate consumers, generate awareness for solutions and the rebate offer, and ultimately motivate them to take action. Key events and sponsorships negotiated and activated included UCLA, Stanford, Fresno State, San Diego State, Earth Day San Diego, AMEX Open, Green California Summit and the Sustainable Business Awards.
Advantage also managed appearances with “Bear”, EUC’s mascot, which included integrations with NBC San Diego and the San Diego Padres, where Bear threw out the first pitch as part of Energy Upgrade California Night.
To maximize one-on-one consumer engagements, Advantage designed a 20’ by 20’ experiential marketing display to teach consumers simple energy savings tips to implement at home. Consumers were challenged to compete in “Bear’s Combine” by filling the washer with clothes, turning the water from hot to cold and opening the blinds…all with large bear paws on their hands! Additionally, a thermostat spin wheel was created to educate consumers on the proper temperatures at which to set their thermostat for each season.
Overall, the program engaged consumers and businesses throughout California, creating fun and informative experiences around energy conservation.
Kids Posing with Energy Upgrade California Bear
The overall integrated multi-agency campaign was recognize with the “Excellence Award” from Energy Star for its impressive results. Specific to the work Advantage produced, experiential marketing programming directly educated 81,000+ Californians on energy saving tips for their everyday lives, while sponsorship engagements authentically spoke to Californians from San Diego to Sacramento. We call that a hands-on approach to driving change!
Energy Upgrade Experiential Activation Games, one-on-one consumer engagement
Energy Upgrade Experiential Activation, Boy playing Bear Paws Game
Energy Upgrade Photo Opp and Data Capture during experiential activation

To maximize one-on-one consumer engagements, Advantage designed a 20’ by 20’ experiential marketing display to teach consumers simple energy savings tips to implement at home.

Brand ambassadors and customer, One-on-one Consumer Engagement, Energy Upgrade California
Energy Upgrade California Bear Photo Opp One-on-one Consumer Engagement
Interactive Wall, Energy Upgrade one-on-one consumer engagement
Child and Father posing for a photo holding Energy Upgrade bear mask