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Hyundai – Super Bowl LIII Experiential

The Super Bowl is the biggest media week of the sports year. As an Official Automotive Partner of the NFL, Hyundai wanted to use their on-site rights to create fun, engaging and informative event experiences for NFL fans, while providing them with enough of a “cool factor” to share their experiences across social media.  Were we up for the challenge? You know it.
Our experiential solution for Hyundai’s Super Bowl LIII activation was simple: be the most loved sponsor across the city. With Super Bowl programming spread out across Atlanta, Advantage developed engaging event experiences to impact varying objectives at each footprint. Overall, Advantage designed and built three unique activation areas for Hyundai throughout Super Bowl Live in Centennial Park, in addition to a 5,000 square foot event experience at Super Bowl Experience.
The hub of activity in Centennial Park (Super Bowl Live) was Hyundai’s outdoor ‘Fam Jam’ activation space, a massive 60’ x 75’ carnival themed footprint that invited fans to take part in several exciting activities while learning about Hyundai’s family of SUVs. The entire experience embraced the spirit of the Super Bowl, spurring friendly competition in a relaxed, open atmosphere. Among a crowd of sponsors in Centennial Park, Hyundai’s ‘Fan Jam’ experience broke through with vibrant turf flooring, a radiating sense of fun and, of course, great prizes. Included in the space were opportunities to compete against friends and family in a football toss competition, a sledgehammer slam, ring toss and knock out game while reinforcing with attendees the in’s and out’s of Hyundai’s industry leading Shopper Assurance car buying program.
Also in Centennial Park was another fan-fueled experience that featured the show-stopping Super Bowl LIII Tunnel Photo-Op, Presented by Hyundai.  This one-of-a-kind photo-op allowed fans to ‘run out’ of an inflated tunnel and onto the Super Bowl ‘field’. Just imagine, smoke popping up as amped fans broke through the tunnel for the first time!
The final activation area at Super Bowl Live was Hyundai’s homage to Black History Month with our “On Their Shoulders, We Stand” Conversation Series. Advantage worked with famed local Atlanta artist Corey Barksdale to create an original large-scale painted mural that illustrated the triumph of black culture in the city of Atlanta. The mural hung in a 20’ x 30’ space that included a stage and Hyundai’s NEXO SUV, their first fuel cell vehicle. The activation area hosted several panels and prominent speakers such as Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter Dr. Bernice King, Doug E Fresh, and Kool Moe D who spoke about the importance of continuing the dynamism of black culture and activism for the future of Atlanta.
Held at the Georgia World Congress Center, Super Bowl Experience (a ticketed event) was ground zero for die-hard NFL and Super Bowl fans. As an event billed as “The Ultimate Amusement Park for NFL Fans,” Hyundai really needed to deliver a unique experience that created fan excitement. To do this, Advantage concepted and designed a 50’ x 100’ space named the “Hyundai SWAG Zone” which focused on their all-star lineup of SUV’s supported by an all-star lineup of current and former NFL players. Fans met the likes of Stefon Diggs, Luke Kuechly and AJ Green, as well as 29 other NFL heroes for a once-in-a-lifetime photo and autograph opportunity. Other fan activations included a trivia experience and Forza racing game that rewarded great prizes, including high value NFL Shop gift cards. Through our engaging activations, the perfect emcee and integration with Sirius XM, fans flocked to the SWAG Zone…and left with some great swag.
With so many different stories to tell at Super Bowl 2019, the question leading into the year was ‘how can Hyundai effectively communicate?’ Instead of forcing all of these critical messages into one noisy space, Advantage found a way to seamlessly achieve the most impactful messaging possible by spreading out the communication elements across several activation areas. All in all, Hyundai was able to drive these messages through significant one-on-one engagements, including almost 8,000 shareable photo opps at Super Bowl Live and over 5,000 email opt-ins at Super Bowl Experience. To top it off, the “On Their Shoulders, We Stand” programming was picked up by 193 outlets. Cool factor achieved.
Super Bowl Live Hyundai

Hyundai drove these messages through significant one-on-one engagements, including almost 8,000 shareable photo opps at Super Bowl Live and over 5,000 email opt-ins at Super Bowl Experience.

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