NYX Professional Makeup – Candy Slick Launch Party

To kick off 2019, NYX Professional Makeup launched a bold, sexy lip gloss line called Candy Slick Glowy Lip Color, filled with eye-popping colors and delicious flavors. To support the launch, NYX aimed to share Candy Slick with some of the hippest make-up artists and influencers from across the globe. Advantage was challenged to help launch this vibrant new product with a party that showcased the colors and flavors of the product line, and looked just as delicious across social media.
NYX Candy Slick Table Top Sign
The three key elements of our event design centered on timing, location, and experience. As for timing, we aligned the event date with the LA International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in order to leverage the influential make-up industry guests already in town.
Next came location. Advantage helped NYX bring Candy Slick to life by selecting one of LA’s hippest venues, Casita, located in Hollywood. We transformed the chic indoor-outdoor space into an explosion of color, with multiple photo experiences, whimsical food and sugar-coated signature cocktails, a glowing dance floor, neon-lit dancers, and a playlist featuring some of the best candy-inspired beats. 
NYX Candy Slick Product Launch Party
Aiming to create an unforgettable experience, guests were wowed from the moment they turned onto the street. An illuminated Candy Slick billboard greeted them high above the venue, leading guests down our neon-lit path and through the main entrance. The signature Casita fountain greeted guests with colorful orbs and custom decals cascading down, and a neon light and box hedge display showcased the lunchbox-style sets of lip gloss that all attendees received as gifts. Oversized colorful lips hung from the patio rafters and a custom vintage TV display played NYX content, creating a fun step & repeat backdrop that led to the inside activities. Once inside, we featured multiple environments where guests could flaunt their beauty, test out the Candy Slick colors, and share their party experiences with their followers.
Guests lounged on an iconic red lip couch and playfully took a fake phone call on a lip-shaped phone. A 3-D “Land of Lollis” lip forest allowed guests to dance around with friends, captured in a slo-mo GIF to share socially. Guests would then grab a drink and check out the debut of custom NYX content, while hanging out in front of illuminated signs over our lounge areas, or hit the LED dance floor, where DJ Kalkutta was accompanied by dancers in glowing shadow boxes. The integration of sleek, hip furniture, custom neon signs, gobos, and playful decals around the venue helped make Casita almost unrecognizable, and created sexy, memorable experiences at every turn. 
NYX Candy Slick Lollipop Forest Photo Op
The sultry and sweet photo-worthy evening with NYX Professional Makeup attracted more than 350 VIP influencers, makeup artists and NYX fans, who shared the festivities of the evening and the excitement of Candy Slick Glowy Lip color with millions of followers.
NYX Candy Slick Influencer Product Launch Party
Influencer testing NYX Candy Slick glowy lip color at iMATS product launch party
Influencers at NYX Candy Slick iMATS product launch party
Influencers Taking Selfy at NYX Candy Slick Product Launch Party

“LG created an outdoor exhibition booth adjacent to AT&T stadium to display a range of LG products in a home-like setting and promote customer interest.”

Guest pose in NYX Candy Slick Lollipop Forest Photo Op
Influencer posing with gifting display at NYX Candy Slick product launch party
NYX Candy Slick Lollipop Forest Photo Op
NYX Candy Slick iMATS after party garden atmosphere