Smithsonian Channel – Apollo Moon Landing Anniversary Press Event

As the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 approached, Smithsonian Channel prepared to release two documentaries detailing the Apollo missions and the iconic day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Despite exclusive access and content, Smithsonian faced a crowded landscape of PR stunts and anniversary events, and needed to find a way to not only set themselves apart and gain buzz for their upcoming shows, but also capture a bit of the magic that surrounded June 20, 1069. Challenge accepted.
1969 in America Wall
We couldn’t literally take people back to 1969…but we came pretty close! Advantage designed an immersive invitation-only media event that recreated the sights, sounds and tastes of that era of American life, capturing the nerves and anticipation of that monumental moment and the unique culture of the 60s.
From the moment invited media guests walked up the stairs and into the space, they were transported back to 1969: wigs and “Twiggy-style” makeup stations let them dress the part; a living room vignette let them sit with “Mom and Dad” and experience 1960s family life; spam, meatloaf, TV dinners, Gimlets and Manhattans, and Jell-O molds provided a taste of the times; and a curated playlist of 60s hits kept the party going.
The interactive experiences not only made for fun photo ops, but also provided a sense of what life was like for those who were there that day, gathering around the family TV to watch the moon landing, or huddled around the Mission Control Command Center (created with exact replicas from that day), holding their breath and waiting for confirmation of those first steps. Guests were even able to put on an astronaut helmet and plant a flag on the moon, receiving a shareable video of their Neil Armstrong moment.
Content from the two Smithsonian docs – “The Day We Walked On The Moon” and “Apollo’s Moonshot” – played throughout the space and on a giant video billboard outside. Guests were able to listen to audio from major moments of the day on rotary phones on the event “Gallery Wall”, which also featured notable pop culture, sports, and political facts and images from 1969. The evening transported guests to an exciting time in the past, and helped Smithsonian Channel make their mark amongst all of the other Apollo 11 anniversary celebrations.
Living Room Set
Over 350 people attended the invitation-only experience, which resulted in press hits from ABC News, Fox News, Inside Edition and many more! If that wasn’t enough, they also received several interviews with Neil Armstrong’s sons, and a BizBash feature on the out of this world event! Advantage has worked with Smithsonian Channel for the past two years to bring experiences to life that promote upcoming show releases, while also educating and entertaining audiences. The Apollo event has been the biggest to date and gave us the unique opportunity of making a highly Instagrammable event that transported guests back to 1969 while honoring two of Smithsonian’s top programming themes: history and air & space.
Apollo 11 Press Event

“Over 350 people attended the invitation-only experience, which resulted in press hits from ABC News, Fox News, Inside Edition and many more!”

Plant the flag
1960s Clothes and Makeup
Photo Op - Apollo 11
Makeup Artists - Apollo Press Event