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The Advantage team brings decades of experience negotiating sponsorship agreements for B2B and B2C brands. We’ve negotiated hundreds of sponsorship deals, including team deals, league deals, music partnerships, event sponsorships and everything in-between.
Sponsorship Negotiation of Dignity Health Sports Park
While every sponsorship negotiation is unique, our sponsorship negotiation philosophy is to “maximize the rights and assets while minimizing the financial exposure”…but it goes much further than that.  For us, it begins well before the negotiation even begins; we like to “reverse engineer” sponsorship deals to the point where we work closely with our clients to develop an activation plan up front, before engaging the property.  This way, we know exactly what’s important to acquire in the deal, while letting go of the elements deemed less important. We are strong believers in creating sponsorship portfolios that are valuable to a client’s objectives, not just sponsorship portfolios with high dollar value. One area we take very seriously is defining a “protected space” for our clients through highly defined category definitions. As a third party acting on our client’s behalf, we maximize the communication leverage inherent in every sponsorship negotiation, while also providing valuable marketplace benchmarks and best practices.

Title Sponsorship Negotiation

We have experience with multiple naming rights partnerships, handling valuations and negotiations for sponsorship entitlements within MLS, MLB and the title sponsorship of the New York City Marathon. Be sure to check out our work with Dignity Health on sponsorship strategy and title sponsorship negotiation of the Dignity Health Sports Park!

Major Sports League or Property Sponsorship Negotiation

Some other select sponsorship negotiations by Advantage staffers include National Football League (NFL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Major League Soccer (MLS), Major League Baseball (MLB), PGA TOUR, Minor League Baseball (MiLB) and United States Tennis Association (USTA).
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