Sponsorship Property Alignment

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What Should We Sponsor?

Are we invested in the right platforms and sponsorship properties? Should we invest in sports, entertainment or lifestyle sponsorships? In the vast sponsorship ecosystem, it can be difficult to navigate and understand the best fit areas to invest in sponsorship. Our proprietary Property Alignment Report (PAR) analysis tool helps brands to identify aligned sponsorship opportunities and passion points.
Property Alignment Report (PAR) Frontier Communications

Property Alignment Report (PAR)

PAR uses a custom and weighted criteria to provide an objective-led ranking of sponsorship areas of consideration. This flexible analysis can be applied for any brand or company, from those just entering sponsorship to those with extensive global sponsorship portfolios. Though objectives and criteria vary widely from brand to brand, PAR looks across consumer, business, brand and property considerations to provide a fact-based output for sponsorship recommendations. Potential sponsorship criteria assessed as part of the PAR tool include:
What percentage of your target audience or audiences are interested in each specific property or passion point?
How does the interest of your target audience or audiences over or under index in relation to the general population?
Does a specific sponsorship property have equity within the marketplace?
Does this platform provide the right type of sponsorship assets to achieve sponsorship objectives?
Fan Avidity
How passionate are fans of a specific property or passion point? How deep are those fan bases?
Brand Equity
Do the attributes of a specific property or passion point align with your brand ethos?
Competitive Analysis
Is a specific sponsorship property or passion point encumbered from a key competitor? Is there white space for your brand?
Looking at a combination of syndicated data, client-provided data, market-sizing sales data, competitive sponsor research and proprietary data, we leverage our deep industry expertise to grade all relevant sponsorship criteria. Using PAR results and a variety of other resources, our custom sponsorship toolkit guides us in the creation of sponsorship strategies and strategic sponsorship recommendations for brands of all sizes. Outputs of our PAR tool can be synthesized into a dynamic tool for our clients use to leverage across internal stakeholders.
Looking for help with your sponsorship roadmap? Do you believe our Property Alignment Report tool can help? Or maybe you’re just looking for other potential services to support your investment in sponsorship? From sponsorship valuation to market allocation to sponsorship negotiation to sponsorship measurement, our sponsorship toolkit can help maximize your investments across sponsorship – whether sports, entertainment, lifestyle or cause sponsorships.
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