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Microsoft – #WeAreMore Global Marketing Campaign

In March 2017, 2,700 athletes, 1,100 coaches, and 3,000 volunteers came together in Austria for the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games. As the Official Technology Partner of the Special Olympics, Microsoft sought to create a global marketing program leading into the Games to represent the unique partnership between Microsoft and Special Olympics. Key mandatories of the program included building fans for Microsoft and its products, while driving an increase in awareness of the partnership internally with its global employee base.
Two men running in snowshoes during content video shoot in Germany
Approximately 200 million people globally have intellectual disabilities, each with a support network of around eight people (~ 1.68 billion people).  Through Microsoft’s partnership with Special Olympics and its internal mission of empowering every person on the planet, Microsoft had the ability to start a conversation about what is expected from people with intellectual disabilities. Out of this mission, Advantage developed the “We Are More” campaign framework.
The messaging framework included two key pillars:
We – is about what happens when people of all intellectual abilities are brought together to learn, inspire, and create together.
More – speaks to the enduring passions and lifelong curiosity outside of sports that truly defines the Special Olympics athlete.
While brands have told inspiring stories of Special Olympics athletes, the #WeAreMore campaign also focused on the inherent knowledge and skills that those with intellectual disabilities have to offer. The authentic storytelling of the campaign embraced the connection between people with and without intellectual disabilities through their shared passions; building an inclusive sentiment where people of all abilities can learn, create, and grow together.

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Driven by powerful photography and video, Advantage developed an integrated global marketing campaign to tell Special Olympics athletes’ mutual empowerment #WeAreMore stories. The campaign brought people with and without intellectual disabilities together in order to share their passions and knowledge. The athletes featured in the campaign were supported by Microsoft through Mission 3000, Special Olympics’ initiative to fund the 3,000 athletes competing in the Games.

Advantage traveled over 25,000 miles to capture global video and photography content, profiling three Special Olympics athletes who represented diversity across region (USA, Nigeria, Germany), sport (ski, floor hockey, snowshoe), and passion (theater, art, woodwork). Each athlete collaborated with an influencer, teaching one another across sport and passion.

Additionally, campaign creative which tied into Microsoft’s mission of empowering every individual allowed buy-in of the campaign across company stakeholders. Creative ran across a variety of integrated global channels including:

· Global brand and product social
· Bing search optimization
· .com homepage creative
· Employee email signatures
· Windows 10 lock screen
· Times Square/LA Live digital out of home
· 15,000+ global campus screens

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Soccer coach draws up play on Microsoft device during global marketing campaign content shoot
Microsoft subsidiaries were educated and inspired to extend the global campaign. Overall 29 global subsidiaries paired with Special Olympics athletes from their country, rallying employees to serve as the athletes’ fan clubs, encouraging their training for the Games and developing local #WeAreMore campaigns.
Beyond the internal engagement, #WeAreMore outperformed Microsoft benchmarks across the board, showcasing that the creative storytelling resonated with followers, fans, and target audiences. Key results included:
· Microsoft held majority share of voice around the World Winter Games with 44%
· 22.6 million video views
· 145.5 million campaign impressions
· #WeAreMore proved extremely successful as compared to the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games campaign with 699% increase in reach, 929% increase in video views, and 272% increase in actions (engagements, link clicks, and views)
Microsoft – #WeAreMore, Daniele Bruno and Anton Grotz
Two skiers laugh during marketing campaign video shoot
Josh Peck and Special Olympics athlete go over play script during campaign video shoot

Beyond just the internal engagement, #WeAreMore outperformed Microsoft benchmarks across the board, showcasing that the creative storytelling resonated with followers, fans, and target audiences.

Two men play floor hockey during campaign video shoot
Two men draw on Microsoft product during campaign video shoot
Two men admire mural they painted during campaign video shoot