Our Top Five Brand + Brand Partnerships of 2018
Our Top 5 Brand to Brand Partnerships of 2018
In 2018, we saw more brands looking to work with other brands and develop co-marketing campaigns. When brand collaborations are done right, they can open up both partners to new audiences and drive significant buzz, among other objectives. Here are our favorite brand collaborations from the past year:


Warby Parker + Arby’s
  • What did they do: Warby Parker and Arby’s came together for an April Fools partnership, dubbed “WArby’s.” This brand collaboration offered the WArby’s Onion Ring Monocle, which was described as “a crispy yet corrective product that’s positioned at the intersection of food and fashion, encompassing the ideals of WArby’s in a single offering.” They also released limited-edition WArby’s branded apparel.
  • Why we loved it: Both brands got out of their comfort zone by creating a whole new brand…not an easy feat to get approved. We love the creative that went behind it, showing that both brands embraced the partnership by putting serious creative resources behind it. We also loved that executives from both companies rallied behind the brand partnership by providing quotes; playing into the gag that it was.
PlayStation + Nike
  • What did they do: This past December, Nike launched the second edition of its PlayStation themed signature basketball shoes (PG 2.5 X PlayStation), designed for NBA superstar Paul George. Inspired by Sony’s gaming console, this pair of shoes takes all ofits cues from the original PlayStation rather than the PS4.
  • Why we loved it: These shoes pay tribute to the original PlayStation system, which aligns perfectly with an older millennial target who grew up playing that system. All of the little details Nike and PlayStation crafted separate this collaboration from other shoe partnerships, including the multicolor “PS” logo that can be turned on. This collaboration also uniquely paired athlete and gamer cultures with Paul George as the thread. Smart.
Dove + Dunkin’
  • What did they do: Dove and Dunkin’ joined forces to celebrate women who “run” on dry shampoo and coffee. The campaign included the “Ultimate Life Hack Sweepstakes,” which gave one lucky grand prize winner a year’s worth of Dunkin’ coffee and Dove Dry Shampoo. For a chance to win, entrants had to share their coffee and dry shampoo stories using #DoveXDunkinand #DXDSweepstakes on Instagram or Twitter. Additionally on October 1st, NYC commuters were treated to a free small Dunkin’ coffee and a complimentary mini-styling appointment…using Dove dry shampoo products.
  • Why we loved it: Busy and stressful mornings are something everyone can relate to. Dove and Dunkin’ came together to emphasize the role that caffeine and dry shampoo both play for women in making mornings just a bit less stressful. Teaming up to call themselves “the ultimate life hack” was a great way to show consumers that Dunkin’ and Dove should be their preferred brands, while driving social and experiential engagement.
Westin + Peloton
  • What did they do: Peloton bikes can now be found in Westin fitness centers and guest rooms at over 50 locations across the United States. This partnership gives Westin guests the ability to take motivating group fitness classes led by world-class instructors while on the road.
  • Why we loved it: We at Advantage relate to how difficult it can be to remain active while away from home. With a shift in how hotels market to active and healthy lifestyles, we love how this partnership broke through the clutter while driving relevance for both Westin and Peloton. Beyond the Peloton partnership, Westin clearly gets how partnerships can add value to the active, health conscious traveler as they have another strategic relationship with New Balance to provide workout gear to guests.
Forever 21 + Taco Bell
  • What did they do: Taco Bell teamed up with Forever 21 for a clothing collection that celebrated the iconic graphics and products of Taco Bell. The collection included a “Tacos 4Ever Tee” and “Don’t Wait Up Bodysuit,” among 11 instant classic sweatshirts, shirts, and bodysuits.
  • Why we loved it: This extra quirky and creative collaboration was picked-up by media outlets around the globe. To further the storytelling, Taco Bell and Forever 21 capitalized on several high school students who took their senior portraits at their local Taco Bell by making them the models of the clothing line. We also loved the clothes themselves. If only they made a Chalupa hat!
Each brand collaboration is unique, but we love how each of these partnerships created a product or experience for consumers to participate in (or wear). If you’d like to read more about brand collaborations, be sure to check out our do’s & donts of brand partnerships and our simple steps for setting a strong strategy articles. Now we’re looking forward to seeing some amazing collaborations in 2019!