Smithsonian Channel and Advantage have been recognized by BizBash for our Spy Wars Press Event
Spy Wars Header
“To promote its new series Spy Wars, Smithsonian Channel hosted an immersive event on March 4 at New York’s Spyscape, proving that in order to catch the bad guys you need keen covert skills—and a strong martini.
In the spirit of the eight-part docu-series, which recounts real-life intelligence and security operations, guests were handed a classified folder and tasked with completing interactive spy missions such as testing their code-breaking and lie detection skills. Attendees were then assigned custom spy roles like Agent Handler, Hacker, and Spycatcher.
The interactive venue proved to be a natural fit to showcase the series. “In throwing an event, we knew that we needed to create an immersive experience for our guests in order to bring them into our ‘world of spies.’ When we found Spyscape, we immediately knew that it would be the perfect venue for this event,” said Joanna Brahim, vice president of communications at the Smithsonian Channel. “The long list of interactive exhibits and activities at the museum truly lends itself to the theme of the show, and offers a really fun and interactive way to get into the spirit of Spy Wars.”
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