Creative & Content Glossary

The Definitive Guide To Terminology In The Creative Industry
Hey, we admit it, our industry is rife with buzzwords, but we like to keep it simple in our speak. And in fact, we often translate the “crazy” for our clients.  See below for our glossary of buzzwords to help you decode the creative and content industry: 


A series of illustrations or images that when combined create the appearance of movement. Within Advantage’s specific industry, animation is often used in videoboard graphics, video content and in digital advertising.


One or more demographic profiles that a sponsorship property, event or creative execution impacts. When designing creative and/or content, it’s imperative that the output resonates with the audience.

Brand Experience

Advantage defines Brand Experience as any marketing activity which leverages consumer passion to ignite action.

Brand Essence 

The way a brand wants to feel to an audience. For VKTRY Performance Insoles, when boiled down to the core we wanted the brand to feel aspirational, energetic and vital. 

Brand Guidelines 

The rules that define how a brand should be represented across all aspects of the marketing mix. This often includes color palette, logo sizing, logo clear space requirements, font hierarchy, photography guidance and much more.  

Brand Identity 

The way a brand is represented and associated by audiences. While ideally the brand essence will be reflected in the brand identify, the output of creative and marketing may shift a brand identify away from its brand essence.  


An organized series of marketing tactics around a key theme or message focused on a certain result. Marketing campaigns have a limited duration and can have a variety of objectives and KPIs. For example, see Microsoft’s Special Olympics campaign around the theme of “We Are More.” 

Color Palette

Specified colors for a brand to use in marketing materials as outlined in their brand guidelines. Approved colors are most often provided in both RGB and CYMK.


Information for audience consumption via various mediums such as video, audio, written or other arts. Content is a key component of storytelling.


Written text for the purpose of marketing a product, service, content, or a campaign. 

Digital/Social Media Assets

Everything a brand has to offer across digital media and social media to reach customers. Key digital and social media assets include websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and blogs.

Endorsement/Influencer Marketing

The use of personalities (typically either in sports, entertainment or lifestyle), with significant reach to promote a brand, product or service and help drive objectives through their association. Endorsements are often used as an element of activation within sponsorship and to drive further scale to event activations.

Environmental Design

The combination of graphic design, material selection and decor for event marketing exhibits to achieve a certain persona (premium, edgy, etc.).


The creative process of generating and developing an idea or concept. Any agency that believes they have a one-size-fits-all, fool-proof creative process is probably a little suspect. At Advantage we believe in a customized approach to the creative process based key factors like client objectives, brand strength and of course timelines. No two creative assignments are ever the same.  However, we do have some key techniques and general protocols we implement in most any creative process.
  1. We start every custom process with a clear and concise brief built using our Insights and Research tools.
  2. Next we Synthesize and Hypothesize, Ideate and Gamestorm to come up with a wide range of ideas.
  3. At Advantage, our clients are typically moving very quickly, so we like to Play and Prototype and Write Stories in real-time, working in parallel with the ideation process.
  4. The above steps typically lead to a Concept Deck which then gets Stress Tested through Feedback Sessions and Internal Focus Groups. And if something doesn’t feel right, we refine or sometimes go back to step 2.


Visual representation of a story a brand is trying to tell through marketing often in the form of photography or illustration.

Logo Design

Brand visualization through a symbol or graphic representation. Typography and color palette are key considerations when designing a logo. Take a look at our work in creating a new brand identity and logo for VKTRY Performance Insoles.


Copy that summarizes the ethos of a brand or campaign.

Material Selection

The process of selecting the right materials within physical marketing materials to tell the right story. For printed collateral, you might desire high quality card stock to help support the idea of being a premium brand. For an event activation, you might use recycled wood to embody a commitment to sustainability.

Mood Board

A compilation of images arranged to convey a sense of what a creative execution would feel like.

Request For Proposal (RFP)

In our industry, request for proposals are sent from client to agency to assess the creative thinking and capabilities of a prospective agency partner. While some agencies dread and avoid the RFP, we see the RFP process as an opportunity to show our passion and prove to them we have the right people, tools and fresh thinking to bring smart solutions to the next level.


Text written for different forms of content, often for video (digital content, television, etc.) or audio (radio, podcast, etc.).


Using a unique and creative way to convey your message to your audience. This can be accomplished in a variety of different ways from creating a new visual identity to a creating branded content series and everything in between.


A catchphrase used in marketing and advertising meant to stick with consumers and embody what that brand stands for.


Underlying message that weaves through all communications and touch points of a campaign. For experiential marketing campaigns, a thematic will often be developed to immerse consumers into brand storytelling. For sponsorship, a thematic will often be developed to authentically tie consumer passion to the brand, product or service and make the sponsorship relatable to the target audience. See how we designed and activated the “Road to Homecoming” platform for LG Electronics and Best Buy across NCAA Football.

Thoughtful Design

Taking both tangible and intangible goals and end results into consideration, in an effort to design events and campaigns that are meaningful, objective-driven, and positively impactful. Thoughtful design can range from planning events that measure their environmental impact, to designing a meaningful and impactful logo, slogan, and mission for an emerging brand.


The style in which text is displayed with the purpose of the text being readable and interesting to the viewer. Key components of typography within design are font selection, weight, capitalization, spacing and hierarchy.

Video Content

Content displayed visually for audience consumption. Video content can be short or long form and be used on a variety of different mediums.


The personality that a brand gives off when communicating with consumers. The voice remains consistent across communications with examples being direct, clever or exciting.

3D Rendering

Creative visualization of a proposed event exhibit used in the planning process, built using specialized software. 3D renderings can be created for any type of experiential marketing activation and help to guide the fabrication process.
Hopefully this helps you better understand what you’re looking for, but feel free to drop us a note if you want to chat and learn more about our way of thinking. Be sure to check out the other glossaries to fully verse yourself on definitions of keywords across our business: creative/content (hyperlink), experiential (hyperlink), and events/hospitality (hyperlink).