Advantage Cares: Creative Proposals coming out of COVID
Advantage Cares: Creative Proposals coming out of COVID
At Advantage, we believe in making things happen, even during a global pandemic. We thought: how can we help out during this time, while we’re all stuck at home?
Some of our creative superstars were inspired to use their skills to help businesses they care about:

From Tiny to Total Takeover – Tiny Tots Gymnastics

Steve Thomas, Senior Graphic Designer, wanted to help a local neighborhood business he drives past daily. “I thought Tiny Tots could pivot to offer a valuable service to parents in our community, and I also wanted to help freshen up their Verdugo Road presence.”
During quarantine Steve, like many parents, realized that his son was bored with the toys they owned–and he didn’t want to clutter up the house by buying more things. This seemed a great opportunity to turn their local kids gym Tiny Tots, closed due to COVID, into a subscription service. Parents would sign up for a monthly rental from the gym, and would get sanitized and easy-to-use equipment and toys monthly for kids to use in their own backyard.
In addition to the equipment, Tiny Tots could include an online class series guiding children on how to use the equipment via live video from their gym.
Steve also updated the Tiny Tots logo and brand identity to make it clearer what services they provide. “I think a rebrand will help Tiny Tots solidify their identity and provide a really legible visual for potential customers who drive or walk by.”
By incorporating the monkey into the logo, Steve references the jungle gym, clearly identifying this as a gym for kids. This modern look can extend into merch and apparel for kids to exercise in at home. Steve even proposed an interactive chalkboard storefront, for the gym to post their class schedule or for kids to use to draw and create.
While we can’t wait for things to re-open, hopefully, this provides parents some inspiration for how to entertain their children at home!

Doing Good – Spotify

Associate Creative Director Jacina Serbalik was inspired to craft a campaign for Spotify, one of her favorite brands that she uses daily. “I truly believe that companies like Spotify have the ability to make change at a large scale, and as a loyal fan I would love to see them take a step to help support the change we need to see in the world today.”
Jacina, like many of us, misses live music and wants to bring back the music experience to the community in a safe and fun way. She also wanted to use Spotify’s reach and platform to help educate people about social justice issues and to promote their Black Lives Matter content.
Her biggest challenge was creating safe, outdoor experiences while maintaining a connection between the brand and each consumer. This allowed her to explore different tech solutions, programming, and physical environmental builds.
Jacina designed an outdoor LED cube, complete with waterproof speakers and DJ booth above. Spotify cubes would pop up at outdoor parks, providing people spending time in their community spaces with music and a way to engage with the Black Lives Matter through live entertainment, podcasts, events, and the ability to donate.
“Our foundation as experiential designers is understanding and facilitating gatherings. This requires knowing why people are gathering and how we can help them accomplish their goals.”
As creatives, there are many opportunities for us to think through how we can elevate brand marketing campaigns. Consumers, in particular millennials and Gen Z, have shown that they want change, and they are more likely to pick brands that support their beliefs. If you’re looking for creative solutions for your upcoming campaign, reach out to us at Let’s see how we can help!