Who Are the Fans of the US Open?

Who Are the Tennis Fans of the US Open

66.1 % own a home.
43.6% have a household income of $250K
2.7% own a home with a value of $1 million+
Overall, fans of the US Open are an affluent group. So it makes sense that US Open official sponsors include: Rolex, American Express, Chase and J.P. Morgan.
What are some other key facts about US Open fans?
US Open fans are more likely than the general population to agree:
“The Kitchen is the most important room in my home”
“When shopping for food, I especially look for organic or natural foods”
“I actively seek information about nutrition and healthy diet”
“I make sure I exercise regularly”
So, as a health conscious and active group perhaps the following companies should consider the power of tennis: Blue Apron, Equinox, Peloton, and Whole Foods Market
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Source: Simmons 2018 12-month survey