Searching for Lead Generation? Top Assets To Secure With A B2B Event Sponsorship
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Brands use sponsorship to achieve numerous objectives. One of those objectives can be acquiring leads to enter new prospects into their marketing funnel and push them towards purchase. As sponsorship and brand experience experts, we here at Advantage have quite a bit of experience in securing sponsorship assets. Our experts provide six assets to consider when a core sponsorship objective is lead generation:
Email, Digital & Social Campaign
Sponsorship is all about leveraging the connection that a property has with an existing audience (equity) to earn trust and favorability. It’s about authentically integrating into programming rather than alienating the audience with overly-commercial elements. As a sponsor, understand the channels that a property owns and the reach associated with those channels to understand where the best opportunities may lie. Co-create an integrated multi-channel lead acquisition campaign across the property’s relevant off-site channels – email, digital, social, etc. – to drive leads around relevant programming. For one audience it may be a white paper with gated content, while for another it may be a sweepstakes or promotion.


Attendee List With Contact Information
Many traditional B2B sponsorships are around events and conferences. Sponsors choose events based on a variety of factors, however the biggest factor for event sponsors is an aligned target audience. For event/conference sponsorships, knowing the titles and companies attending the event will help the sponsor decide if they are the right fit for the audience. It’s important to receive two attendee lists for the event. The first one is prior to the event so you know who to expect to attend for introductions. The second one is a final list post-event. This would be the complete attendee list of everyone who actually did attend which can be used for post-event communication.


Private Meeting Space
During B2B event sponsorships, private meeting spaces can be the perfect place to have quality conversations with potential customers of your offerings. Through the sponsorship, negotiate for a comfortable, private space to foster intimate conversations with prospects, using that attendee list or your property relationships to secure one-on-ones prior to the event start.


Experiential Activation Space
Creating a custom experiential activation at an event is a great way to immerse attendees into your offerings and separate yourself from other brands. Whether showcasing product demonstrations, delivering a unique environment, or engaging attendees through unique experiences (e.g. prize wheel, VR experience, etc.), having a customized activation experience space provides the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the audience. If lead generation is an important component, be sure to make lead generation a part of the experience that does not feel forced. Tie lead generation to an attendee benefit (e.g. giveaway, photo experience, etc.) or only focus on lead generation for those who truly show an interest in your products/services.


Wi-Fi Page Takeover
Attendees at B2B events are often business professionals who need to get work done. Consider delivering a Wi-Fi experience to attendees, while gating the usage for lead generation (if they opt-in). Every attendee who wants to use the Wi-Fi must land on an interstitial page and hence engage with your brand, while delivering valuable leads.


Custom Experiences
Every B2B event is different and brands should capitalize on unique experiences customized to each event. For example, host a dinner for 20+ hand-selected attendees to immerse them in your brand and products, while delivering value to attendees through networking, access and an impressive meal. Ensure that you receive contact information for all attendees, following-up with a thank you message and an offer to provide information on the power of your offerings.


Every sponsorship should deliver valuable targeted audiences for a brand and include assets that achieve the necessary objectives. If your brand is looking to drive leads, hopefully these assets help as you negotiate your next B2B event sponsorship. Need help with your B2B sponsorship strategy or activation? Reach out to us at