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The Road To Recovery: How To Navigate The New Marketing Landscape
The Road To Recovery: How To Navigate The New Marketing
COVID-19 has forced marketers to adapt to a new reality, massive consumer behavioral shifts, and unprecedented corporate disruption.
Advantage and our sister agencies that make up IPG’s Constituency Management Group (CMG) have collaborated on a new report to help us all better understand this landscape and predict what might be next.
The Road To Recovery: How To Navigate The New Marketing Landscape, was released today and is available to download here. The report offers perspectives, forecasts, and advice from experts in public relations, digital, experiential, sponsorship, intelligence, and influencer marketing.  It also provides a POV on the importance of employee engagement and market inclusion in this innovation-fueled time of change.
You can easily access the content most relevant to you and link to deeper dives from our brand teams. We hope you find this to be useful and inspiring information and if you’d like to discuss the report or any of its content, please let me know.  We are happy to arrange those conversations with our discipline experts.