Our Top 5 Brand + Brand Partnerships of 2019
Top 5 Brand to Brand Partnerships of 2019
In 2019, we saw many brands collaborating with one another to produce some unique co-marketing campaigns that reached their audience in a whole new way. We took a deep dive into these types of partnerships last year, but our list this year might be even better! Without further ado, here are our top five brand + brand partnerships in 2019:


Stranger Things & Baskin Robbins
  • What did they do: Baskin Robbins decided to bring Scoops Ahoy to life with an exclusive lineup of Stranger Things inspired flavors like the “Upside Down Sundae”, “Eleven’s Heaven”, and the “USS Butterscotch Quarts”. In addition to the ice cream flavors, the Canton, MA-based chain released Stranger Things merchandise like the Steve Harrington Funko figure, as well as 1980’s inspired magnets, stickers, and t-shirts. Baskin Robbins also gave California Stranger Things fans immersive experiences, turning one of their shops into a Scoops Ahoy as well as creating a Scoops Ahoy truck traveling up and down the west coast.
  • Why we loved it: (Spoiler Alert), the biggest storyline in the 3rd season of Stranger Things was the emergence of the Starcourt Mall, and in particular, the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop. With the main location of the 3rd season taking place in an ice cream shop, it gave Baskin Robbins the perfect opportunity to team up with the incredibly popular Netflix series. Baskin Robbins is no stranger (pun intended) to coming up with outside the box ice cream flavors and the Stranger Things themed flavors are another example of that. We also live in a time where unique experiences are sought after more than ever, which made the Scoops Ahoy truck really catch our eye.
AriZona and Adidas
  • What did they do: Adidas Originals and AriZona Iced Tea teamed up to create a summer lineup of shoes that took inspiration from AriZona’s four most popular flavors; Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, Lemon, Mucho Mango, and Watermelon.
  • Why we loved it: Nothing says summer like a cold AriZona Iced Tea and last summer’s shoe collaboration was a headline for media outlets around the country. The news of this collaboration spread like wildfire and the shoes were instantly sold out. The four designs, modeled after their most popular drinks, look perfect on shoes and became an instant collector’s item for sneakerheads. These food and drink collaborations in the fashion world have become incredibly popular and this is just another example of a collaboration done right.
New Amsterdam Vodka and Barstool Sports (Spittin’ Chiclets Podcast)
  • What did they do: In 2018, New Amsterdam Vodka decided they wanted target hockey fans and signed a multiyear partnership agreement with the NHL. Shortly after that, the vodka brand became the presenting sponsor of the #1 hockey podcast in the country “Spittin’ Chiclets” on Barstool Sports. Inspired by this partnership, the wildly popular vodka drink, the “Pink Whitney” was born.
  • Why we loved it: New Amsterdam Vodka took a chance on a brand and space they don’t normally play in and it paid off big time. They saw the amount of brand loyalty and passion the hockey/Barstool Sports fan has and they cleverly targeted that demo. The partnership with the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, in addition to the creation of the Pink Whitney drink, skyrocketed the brand to a whole new level. The name is inspired by the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast host and former NHL player Ryan Whitney. The drink instantly became sold out, selling over 1 million bottles in the first two months. To quote Deirdre Lester, Chief Revenue Officer of Barstool Sports; “This partnership between Barstool Sports and New Amsterdam is a demonstration of two innovative companies coming together to move beyond the status quo sponsorship or media deal and create something unique and highly appealing to consumers.”
Google and Dominos
  • What did they do: To promote the new Google phone, the Pixel 4, and its hands-free functions, Google teamed up with Dominos to deliver these phones to influencers and YouTube creators inside custom pizza boxes.
  • Why we loved it: Not to sound cheesy, but they really thought outside the box for this one. Okay, no more puns. This is a very unique way to show off all of the phone’s hands-free features. Influencers were tasked with operating the phone while also holding the pizza. With unboxing videos (people recording themselves opening new gadgets/toys) being as popular as they are, this campaign went viral with many popular YouTubers showing off the phone. With Google devices having less recognition than some of the bigger phone brands like Apple, this was a great way to stand out.
Cheetos and Forever 21
  • What did they do: Forever 21 kept the food collaborations going this year with a Cheetos “Flamin Hot” merch line. Some of the clothing items included the Cheetos Flamin Hot graphic tee, body suit, and graphic slides.
  • Why we loved it: Much like the Taco Bell collab last year, Forever 21 made waves across a variety of media outlets with this “Flamin Hot” merch. Being in the crowded snack space makes it hard to stand out and Cheetos found a way to do just that. As mentioned in the Arizona/Adidas collab, food/drink brands on clothing have become increasingly popular, but it’s no guarantee a partnership like this will succeed. However, in this case, the cult following of Cheetos lovers went nuts over these items, which were affordably priced.
A lot of thought and creativity goes into making a special brand + brand partnership and we love how each of these partnerships created a product or experience for consumers to participate in (or wear). If you’d like to read more about our thoughts on brand collaborations, be sure to check out our do’s & don’ts of brand partnerships and our top brand partnerships of 2018. Be sure to stop by our blog in January 2021 to see who makes our list next year!