Top 5 Cannabis Partnerships We’d Love To See
Here at Advantage Los Angeles, we live in the land of sunshine, goat yoga and legal marijuana. With our passion for brand partnerships, we couldn’t help but dream up our top five cannabis collaborations we wish could happen, as soon as federal legislation catches up to the State of California.
Après Ski Box
Après ski culture has taken over the slopes, with some people going to the mountains just to grab a beer with their friends and skip skiing altogether. We saw the success of Grass Lands at Outside Lands music festival this past year, noticing a trend of consumers who are looking for a place to consume legal marijuana while adventuring with their friends. It only makes sense for major ski resorts to start opening 21+ “weed friendly” après ski lounges where skiers and snowboarders (and those in the mountains just for fun) can warm up as they consume cannabis. An ideal place for sampling and buying product, cannabis brands can introduce consumers to the benefits of THC and CBD in preventing muscle pain and soreness after an active day on the slopes.
Sleep Aid Subscription Box
For brands like Calm or Casper, they could send monthly subscription boxes filled with all the necessary items for getting a good night’s rest: essential oils, sleep masks, and (of course) a nighttime THC/CBD tincture to help you relax. Bringing in new partners monthly, this is a great way for new users to learn about various products through regular sampling opportunities.
Waldorf Astoria Tea Party
California hotels are already getting into the cannabis game with The Standard’s Lord Jones vending machine and Desert Hot Springs Inn inviting guests to light up by the pool. We’d love to see luxury hotel chains get into the business by offering a THC-infused play on their existing afternoon tea experiences. Featuring THC or CBD infused teas and desserts, they could create custom tea infusions that produce specific moods for guests. Hotel chains like the Waldorf Astoria can add this as an adult-only version of their existing high teas for a luxury cannabis experience.
Cannabis-Sponsored Comedians
Stand-up comedy usually gets funnier after imbibing, so why not sponsor comedians like we do athletes, with the gear they need– quality cannabis! By following comedians as they tour the country or sponsoring regulars at iconic spots like the Comedy Club, brands can build consumer loyalty and promote cannabis retail locations. On top of sponsoring these comedians, cannabis brands can activate at open mic nights and special comedy shows. Comedians could brand and launch their own strains, perfect for indulging while their fans watch their comedy specials at home.
The Happiest of Hours
Some co-working spaces like WeWork, Regus, Serendipity Labs and Knotel already offer beer on tap and host happy hours during the week as a way for office sharing “colleagues” to casually get to know each other. Why not take this one step further and work with specific cannabis brands to sponsor weekly tastings and help inspire some creative thinking? With branded edibles and other form factors becoming popular, they can mix up what we normally expect from a happy hour at these locations.
California has the largest legal cannabis market in the world, with $3.1 billion in sales in 2019, and sales are expected to rise to $7.2 billion by 2024. With such a powerful industry growing right in our backyard, we’re excited to see collaboration from more brands. It seems like a natural for cannabis brands to take advantage of a few of the only legal marketing channels currently available – the power of brand partnerships and experiential marketing – in educating new and existing cannabis consumers.