Four Things Video Production Taught Me About Event Marketing
Brian Smith, Four Things Video Production Taught Me About Event Marketing

A perspective from Brian Smith, Senior Account Executive.

As a college graduate with a Television & Business concentration, I had my eyes set on becoming a video producer coming out of undergrad and was fortunate to do just that. I had the pleasure of creating content for a variety of different sports and media companies including NeuLion, Major League Baseball and ONE World Sports. Along the way I realized my passions extended beyond video and included a larger interest in marketing and events. Through my experiences as a video producer, I learned the following key things about event marketing that I have subsequently used in my career and here at Advantage as a Senior Account Executive:


Whether creating video content or planning for an event, considering your audience is vital to both. Who is going to see this? Who am I looking to target? You want to create an experience that will resonate with your ideal audience(s) and leave a lasting impression. Determining what your audience would want to see and creating an experience based on that is a recipe for success.


One of the biggest factors when producing a video is location. Locations set the background for the story that will be told and how the audience will feel when viewing content. The same can be said for event marketing. If aligning with an existing event, the events you choose to sponsor speak to the values of your brand. You want to align yourself with events that share similar brand values and attract attendees that match your target. You need to make sure you complete the necessary research to find the best events for your brand. If creating an owned event, location is equally important. See here for a write-up from our Event Studio team on the importance of non-traditional event locations.


Whether it’s making sure all of your wireless mics are fully charged or double checking that your activation space has all its necessary materials, the little things are important in video production and event marketing. One tiny forgotten detail can lead to hours of time lost or irreparable damage to the attendee’s impression of your brand. Create a checklist of everything you need to accomplish and make sure those tasks are completed prior to the start of the event (or video shoot).


So you’ve gone through your checklist and are fully prepared for your event. Nothing can go wrong right? You can plan 100 different scenarios in your head and have an answer for all them. However, the scenarios you don’t plan for always seem to be the ones that occurs. It’s okay that something didn’t go to plan; it’s what you do next to solve that problem that’s important. Being able to react quickly and efficiently is key when representing your brand at an event (or when filming content).


I’m fortunate to have spent the last several years working in two industries that I’m passionate about: video production and event marketing. Each has helped me grow, while teaching me that the two verticals have more in common than meets the eye!