What Is Brand Experience Anyways?
What is brand experience anyways

“Brand experience” is a term used throughout the marketing industry that can have a range of meanings.

What it means to an agency may vary from what it means to a brand. We’re not saying “we have brand experience” meaning we’ve worked with brands, rather we’re talking about the action of what it means to experience a brand (and this may take many forms). Since we use the term “brand experience” in describing our capabilities (Advantage is a Sponsorship and Brand Experience Agency), here’s our viewpoint of what a “brand experience” means:



…is solutions focused.
…is not channel focused.
The key to brand experiences is that objectives are viewed first, then creative solutions are generated to achieve those objectives, regardless of channel. The types of solutions (or experiences) runs wide. Consumer event experiences. Hospitality experiences. Promotional experiences. Content experiences. Digital experiences. Sponsorship activations. Or a campaign that runs across social, digital and events (or more). Brand experiences immerse a target audience into a brand’s ethos regardless of channel. Often brand experiences are multi-channel and integrated across the marketing mix…not limited to one environment.
For example, Hyundai was looking to develop a deeper relationship with its customers on the local level. Check out the Youth Camps program case study to see the brand experience solution.


…is experience driven.
…is not media driven.
Brand experience is all about the emotive feeling derived from the experience, whether physical or digital. Media may be an element aimed at driving impressions and engagement around the experience, but brand experiences are not media-driven, rather supplemented by media whether via social influencer, digital, social, print or TVC.
For example, check out the Wingstop launch program case study to see how we created a unique immersive experience which led to earned media pickup.


…is passion based.
…is not broad insights led.
Most marketing experiences are insights driven. They must be to cut through the clutter. Our view is that target audiences are motivated by their passions, whether for lifestyle interests, entertainment, culinary, sports, causes, etc. And we leverage those passions to ignite a desired action. Insights led, but focused on consumer passions and interests.


…is authentic.
…is not forced.
Brand experiences are all about being authentic to a brand and the target consumer. We often say “talk with the fan, not at the fan.” Vital to a brand experience is authentic design, copy and user experience, whether online or offline, to talk with that target audience around their passions and interests.


…is emotive content.
…is not advertising.
A brand experience may or may not include video content. Whether video content is a component, brand experience is all about cross-channel authentic storytelling that drives a connection with the audience. But to us a brand experience is not creating TV commercials. That’s the advertising world. And that’s cool with us. We love working in conjunction with the great minds in that world too.
For example, check out the Microsoft global campaign case study to see how we produced an emotive integrated campaign that drove consumers to action.


Ultimately, brand experience is a loose term for integrated marketing that focuses on passion-based insights to fuel creative solutions. In other words, provide your target audience with a cool, engaging experience on THEIR terms and you will earn their appreciation, trust and consideration. At least that’s what it means to us!